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Our mission is to ensure that all individuals with dyslexia become readers.

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Let your child lose themselves in a book this summer!

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Here are some recommended titles of books that have been chosen specifically for children with dyslexia and struggling readers. You are sure to find something for your child! Thanks to our friend Trish, owner of the children's bookshop 'Halfway Up The Stairs' for sharing this booklist with us.

Barrington Stoke Little Gems series (Early Readers)

Splash Day by Nick Sharratt (very little text)

"The Unlucky Eleven" by Phil Earle

"The Great Telephone Mix-Up" by Sally Nicholls

"Mariella, Queen of the Skies" by Eoin Colfer

Snug by Michael Morpurgo

Clever Cakes by Michael Rosen

Reading Age 7-8, Interest Age 7-12

"Football Crazy" by Tony Bradman (Barrington Stoke)

"The Spectacular Revenge of Suzi Sims" by Vivian French (Barrington Stoke)

"The Dog that Saved the World (Cup) by Phil Earle (Barrington Stoke)

Noodle the Doodle by Jonathon Meres (Barrington Stoke)

"Thor" by Benjamin Hulme-Cross (Bloomsbury Hi Lo Series)

"King Arthur" by Benjamin Hulme-Cross (Bloomsbury Hi Lo Series)

Graphic Novels

"Narwhal - Unicorn of the Sea!" by Ben Clanton (Interest age 5-7)

Hilo by Judd Winink

The Witches Graphic Novel by Roald Dahl retold by Pénélope Bagieu (Interest age 8+)

Young Teen:

Published by Barrington Stoke:

Graphic Novels:


Published by Barrington Stoke:

Graphic Novels:

Artemis Fowl The Graphic Novel by Eoin Colfer

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