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Our mission is to ensure that all individuals with dyslexia become readers.

Teacher Training

Tired of searching for good material?

Tired of photocopying lessons from here and there?

Tired of not having a comprehensive programme to teach your students with dyslexia?

Do you want to learn how to teach individuals with dyslexia to read?

What is the difference between teacher training and the school licence?  

Both training programmes are the same.  The teacher training (licence) is for a teacher who would like to further their training and/or use the programme to tutor individuals outside of a school. The school licence is for using the programme in a school setting. Please note that the licence can be transferred from teacher to school at any time.  

Our next course begins Autumn 2024

Why enrol in the Reading Academy teacher training programme?

The Reading Academy offers a specialised, multi-sensory reading intervention programme based on the Orton Gillingham approach to teach individuals with dyslexia.

Our unique programme has two integrated components: A teacher training programme and the complete teaching toolkit. Unlike other courses, you walk away with training and an entire programme, including all materials (worksheets, wordlists, etc) to use to teach your students.

Our thorough online training provides teachers with information about dyslexia, and the necessary tools and materials to start teaching individuals with dyslexia how to read.

Join us now and learn:
  • What is dyslexia

  • Signs/typical traits of dyslexia

  • How to teach students with dyslexia (they need to be taught using a specific approach)


  • Receive a certificate of completion

  • Receive all the materials you need to teach

teaching students with dyslexia in a sch
teacher helping boy with dyslexia

This sounds interesting, tell me more.

Thanks for signing up. Watch your email for more information

“Let us remember: one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.”

― Malala Yousafezi

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