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Our mission is to ensure that all individuals with dyslexia become readers.

About Dyslexia


Choosing a book for a child with dyslexia

The more one reads, the better reader one becomes.

So how do we choose a book for a child with dyslexia? How does the child choose a book for themselves?

First of all, the reading material needs to be rich and most importantly, of interest to the child. However, it can't be too difficult to read.

You may have heard of the '5 finger rule' whereby if a child reads a passage and gets 5 or more words wrong, the book is considered too difficult for them. You may also have heard that we need to be reading at 95% accuracy in order to understand a text.

The problem with these rules is that a child with dyslexia may never access texts at their intellectual level.

It is important that children have access to books that peak their interest.

At The Reading Academy, we recommend books that are dyslexia-friendly. Barrington Stoke publishers show both an interest age (IA) and a reading age (RA) discreetly at the back of their books next to the barcode.

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