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Our mission is to ensure that all individuals with dyslexia become readers.

About Dyslexia


School's out for summer, now what?

It’s summertime! School reports have been handed out and there are two months until it’s back to school. What now?

Students need a break, just like adults. Downtime pays off and not having the stress of school and homework is needed at this time. For both mental health and well-being, it is important to give children a break from school.

However, we know students with dyslexia can’t take the whole summer off as they will regress, leaving them with ‘summer brain’. To help you out, we have put together a few fun/ positive activities that can be carried out during the summer months that won’t leave children feeling annoyed that their dyslexia ‘makes him/ her have to do extra work, again!’.

  • Play car games (I went to the shop and I bought…./ I spy with my little eye something that begins with the sound…)

  • Visit the library or book store and pick out a summer read (see blog post on paired reading)

  • Do paired reading Monday- Friday, before bed

  • Ask your child to read a book to a younger sibling/ cousin/ neighbour (pick the book yourself, choosing something you are sure is at their level)

  • Practise memory words, ONLY 5-10 min per day (sign-up to our free course for parents and find downloadable memory word cards included along with other activities to do at home).

Come the middle of August, begin to step up the focus for back to school and increase reading practice and routine. But until then, RELAX AND ENJOY!

Happy summer!

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